The Effects of Low Testosterone in Men

Testosterone levels naturally fall inside the afternoon, so a level that is reported as "low" might actually be normal if it was taken within the afternoon.


The output of this hormone peaks during puberty. It not merely controls and governs sexual and reproductive function in males but can be responsible for the increase of secondary male characteristics like growth of torso and hair on your face etc.,. At puberty, testosterone is the hormone that's primarily in charge of producing and maintaining the typical male attributes including development of facial and pubic hair, deepening in the voice and increase in muscle mass and height. Unfortunately, life and society are killers of testosterone much just as that smoking and fast food lead to cancer; stress, age, diet, alcohol, monogamy and a long list of other factors result in low testosterone. Another possible reason could be that the organs that are in charge of producing testosterone tend not to function well and tend not to respond to the brain as they should.


Modern medicine's answer for the problem is testosterone replacement therapy. Androgen therapy when used together with smoking and high blood pressure level can become a critical threat for a body. Lack of exercise, unhealthy diet, smoking, and excessive drinking are all causes of low testosterone that can be modified by changing one's living habits. The cumulative result with the many symptoms can result in a major personality shift.


Decreased testosterone begins using a fancy chain of impulses that can place while in the human brain. Many men could possibly be dealing with a medical issue that appears to be basically ruining their life and not even have a clue it's happening. A weight training program effects testosterone directly by 'waking up' and stimulating its release. Low testosterone levels within you can reduce a mans ability to get rid of fat.


When signs of low self-confidence, depression, and mood swings start occurring this will likely not only affect the household but could also affect the way the person performs at the office. The desire to procreate, to pursue woman is really a sign that most is well while using hormones within your system. Testosterone may be the most important sex hormone for guys. Testosterone is accountable for the development of male characteristics such as a deep voice, muscle strength and growth, and development of body and facial hair. What concerns most men are symptoms connected with decreased production of testosterone or under normal degrees of testosterone.

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